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Analogue Photography




A film for all seasons
Do you want to capture some happy memories quickly and simply? Thatīs no problem with AgfaPhoto Vista plus 200!


For all occasions
APX 100 is universally suitable for all professional applications.

Slides as impressive as the original Picture perfect and razor sharp
CT precisa keeps the promise in its name. Because its exact rendition of colour best shows what it can perform.


Single-use Cameras


Better prints in a flash
The fast party camera with a flash. Smart photo fun in a high class design – you can see the quality of LeBox Flash.

Take it anywhere
The camera for summer, sports and the beach. Are spontaneous snapshots your idea of fun? Then AgfaPhoto LeBox Outdoor is just what you need.


Photo fun in the water and on land
Ideal for swimming, snorkeling and surfing.



35 mm Cameras


The fun camera for easy enjoyment of photography
Always have it with you. In situations when you donīt want to risk your digital camera or single lens reflex camera.


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