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AP Accu Chargers


Accu Chargers and Turbo Chargers



AP Akku Charger


AccuCharger plus

The favorable charger for overnight charge of AA and AAA

  • convenient start at low-price into the eco-friendly world
    of accus
  • charge of 2 or 4 accus of AA or AAA size
  • suitable for NiMh und NiCd accus

Content of blister pack:

  • AgfaPhoto AccuCharger plus, 220 V
  • 2 pieces of AgfaPhoto NiMh accus, AA, 2.700 mAh          

TurboCharger plus

Charge your AgfaPhoto NiMh or NiCd accus with this AGFAPHOTO TurboCharger plus
within only one hour!

  • speedy charging of 2 or 4 cells AA oder AAA
  • controlled by micro-processor
  • suitable for NiMh and NiCd
  • overcharge protection
  • inverse polarity protection
  • protection against overheating
  • automatic switch-over to trickle charge
  • detection of damaged accus
  • charge current:AA: 1.400 mAh, AAA: 700 mAh
  • power supply 100 V up to 240 V
  • CE and GS approved

Content of blister pack:

  • AgfaPhoto TurboCharger plus
  • 4 pieces of AgfaPhoto NiMh accus, AA, 2.700 mAh
  • 12 V battery charger leads

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